Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The People of Fitness Classes

I thought it was a good idea to try a 7am.

It's true when they say "you never regret a workout"! I walked out of bootcamp feeling like a million bucks rolled over seven times in my own sweat.

I couldn't help but notice the dynamics of the people in the fitness class. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. The BFFs: The group who all magically show up together and move around in herds. Don't get caught between them!

2. The Loner: I have the most respect for these people. They're not intimidated by the BFFs or super athletes. They come, get the workout done and leave without a trace.

The only man in class.
3. The Conversation Starter: The person who came alone but plans to leave with a new gym buddy. I actually made a really good friend this way! No I wasn't the conversation starter!

4. MAN: The only male in the fitness class.

5. Puddle Hurdler: The person that sweats enough to drown the entire fitness class. They're constantly hurdling around their own puddles of sweat & you hear the squeak under their shoes. (THIS IS ME! Stay away if you see me!)

6. Mr./Ms. Competitive: Before grabbing their own workout weights they look around to see what else everyone is using.

7. Left the Deodorant at Home Person: They have their own unique smell.

8. Mirror Hogger: The folks that hog the mirror or choose to stand directly in front of you.

9. Territorial Person: Since when did this area of wood flooring belong to you? I'd appreciate it if you'd stop throwing knives in my direction. I know we are people of habit but HAHA beat you to your spot!

Ms. Fitness Centre
10. Ms Fitness Centre: The person coming to class with full blown hair and make up done. I don't get these people especially at 7am fitness classes. I just barely rolled myself out of bed!

11. Moves to the Beat of Their own Drum: Doesn't matter what the rest of the class is doing this person will be doing what they want to.

12. First to Finish: The person that always finishes first and looks around at everyone else. I always imagine them thinking "HA still not done? That was a breeze!"

13. Over Energized Fitness Instructors: Just my luck, the instructor is already bouncing off the walls. I'm pretty sure they live off of endorphines. I actually love these instructors, really help to pick the class up even on the morning you wish you were still in bed.

14. Super Athletes: 
You get the point.

Without these group fitness characters, fitness classes just wouldn't be the same. Yes, I spent almost the entire class thinking about this post.

What other characters are in your fitness classes?


  1. Fitness classes wouldn’t be complete without these people. You’ll certainly find at least one that belongs into any of these. Admit it or not, these people are what make fitness classes fun and exciting. You’ll be excited for the next day just to see what these people would do. They keep it more interesting, don't they? :) @CrossFit

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