Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tips for Your 1st Marathon


My last post was the day before lacing up for my first marathon on October 20, 2013 at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

I bet you thought the marathon actually killed me and I was never going to return to do a race recap. Wrong. I'm here, couple months late but school, work and life just kind of got in the way of me and this post.

Since I am a few months late, instead of giving you a race recap let me give you tips for running your first marathon or any race! (Since I'm practically an expert now after just one!)

1. Stick to What you Normally Eat and Drink: You don't have to carb load or over hydrate yourself leading up to the race. Some people will argue otherwise, from my own experience if I eat an entire bowl of pasta the night before or over drink, I'll be setting myself up for trouble! Stick to what you normally do.

2. Dress Accordingly: Dress for the temperature and not the weather. If the weather is calling for rain, more than likely you are going to get wet. Instead of layering up remember when clothes get wet they are heavy and chances are they are not going to dry while you're running.

3. Nothing New on Race Day: No new shoes, no new socks, no new clothes. Especially no new nutrition! Stick with what you have been training with.

4. Start slow run slower: Race day excitement is going to get your adrenaline pumping and you're going to feel like Superman..or Superwomen. Remember to start slow and run slower, it doesn't even hurt to run 10-15 seconds than your planned pace. Let all the excitement and hype die down, remember you have 42.2KMs to go! This really helped me enjoy the whole marathon experience!

5. Have FUN: Remember the race is the celebration of all the training that led up to this event. Some people lose sight of all the hard work they put into getting to those 42.2KMs. Don't sweat it, it's suppose to be fun! SMILE! :) Even when you are at KM 38 and you are just about ready to jump on the bus remember "YOU CAN DO THIS!"

If you're getting set to run your first or hundredth marathon good luck you'll do fantastic! Not many people ever get to say they completed a marathon so enjoy the moment! Let me know how it goes in the comments section below!


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