Friday, 21 February 2014


If you didn't know Arc'teryx made running gear now you do! Their ENDORPHIN line is intended for trail & endurance running, XC skiing, aerobic and multi sports. 

I was really excited when I got this jacket, I wanted to love it as much as I love all my other Arc'teryx gear...but I just couldn't. I'll tell you what I loved and didn't love so much about the Arc'teryx Kapta Jacket


What I like:

Moisture Wicking Fabric: I wore it on a short run when the weather was hovering around 2 degrees. With the fabric directly touching my skin I was concerned about sweat getting trapped on my arms and body. I sweat easily and a lot, this jacket was up for the challenge. I didn't feel cold or sweaty throughout the run. 

Fit: Fits true to the size, I am 5"2 and 130lbs a small fits perfect!

Colour: I love the Riptide blue!

Thumb Holes: Really soft, stretchy thumb holes. Nothing that digs into your hands. 

What I don't Like:

Seams: The seams are really big throughout the entire jacket. I'd be very concerned about chafing on longer runs if you are wearing just a tank or t-shirt under it.  

Lack of Pockets: There is ONE credit card sized pocket with a hole for your headphone. No phone will fit in there, best if an iPod Nano fit. Besides the one pocket there is no other pockets. For a running jacket I'm looking for pockets to store keys, gels, IDs and money. 

Not Reflective: There are 4 reflective lines on the jacket the length of my index finger. 2 at the bottom of the jacket and one on either sleeve. No reflectors on the front of the jacket! (Hey Arc'teryx, in case you didn't know when you run in the dark you are suppose to run towards traffic, reflectors on the front would be helpful!)

Short: The jacket feels a bit short, I know it says it's a "trim fit top" but I am 5'2 and it felt a little short on me, felt like I was always trying to pull it down. I bit of extra length would be nice when running. 

No hood: It would be nice if this jacket had a hood or at least a hooded option. 

Needs a Zipper Garage: The zipper can zip right to the top of the jacket but it's very tedious and unrealistic to zip it all the way up if all it is going to do is drive into your neck. Would be nice to have a little zipper garage preventing the zipping from rubbing against my neck. 

I certainly like this jacket and will wear it a lot but probably not while running. 

Overall it's a good piece of gear but with a few tweaks and improvements it could be a great running piece. At the retail price of $150 it's a bit pricey for a standard moisture wicking running jacket. It didn't quite live up to the expectations I had for Arc'teryx gear but I do love it to wear for day to day life! 


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