Sunday, 23 February 2014

Effective GRID Foam Rolling for Runners

**This post is done with the assistance of SMRT Core Certified trainer Quintin V. With his guidance we have put together a short outline of all the areas you should target when foam rolling before & after running. Have a questions Tweet @KOP7777!**

As a runner soreness and injuries are inevitable and it’s not a coincidence that you see runners swearing by their foam rollers.
So how does it work and better question is why does it work so well?
You know that tight sore feeling you get pre run, feeling like your muscles are still tight and not warmed up, or after one too many kilometers? It might not have anything to do with your muscles; it is probably your fascia.
Fascia is a collagen-based layer of fibrous tissue; it surrounds muscles, muscle groups, blood vessels and nerves, bringing together structures within the body. Imagine it as a layer of cushioning throughout your entire body. Fascia also allows other structures in your body to move and slide smoothly over atop each other. Fasciae are very flexible structures with the innate ability to resist unidirectional tension forces.

Lack of activity can cement these fibers into place causing the stiff tight feeling. Constant stress to the fibers can cause them to thicken as a defence to your underlying muscles.
The good news, any damage done to the fascia is 100% reversible with rest!
SMRT Core Roller - The Grid
SMRT Core rolling techniques works with the theory that through sustained posture, injury, or repetitive movement, adhesions within the myofascial network are created.  These adhesions are thought to inhibit normal movement and therefore negatively impact muscular performance.  The use of SMRT Core Roller brings about localized muscular stretching, pressure, friction and temperature change.  It is believed that these changes help “break up” adhesive scar tissue and improve muscle extensibility and function.

The GRID Foam Roller isn’t just for post workout, it is actually a great way to warm up your muscles pre workout!

Before a Run 
  • Long rolls to get the muscles moving, imagine rolling out like taking the hand brake off your car before driving.

After Run
  • Require short rolls to release the adhesions created through running.
** If before or after is not indicated the technique can be used for both **

Calves & Gastrocnemius
Long rolls over calves.
Short rolls over both gasrocs, one leg at a time.
Long rolls over quadriceps.

Short rolls with your knee bent at 90 degrees.
With quad static on roller bend knee to 90 degrees
and straighten out slowly.

Slow long rolls over the peroneal on each of your legs.

IT Band

Find 90 degrees then pivot pelvis 15 degrees to the ground.


Sitting on your roller, cross your right leg over your left knee and lean towards your right glute. Small rolls over your glute. Switch sides and keep your hands on the floor for support. 

Tibialis Anterior

Roll back and fourth while trying to keep most of your weight over your shins and not in your hands.

It will take no longer than 10 minutes to go through all of these and your body will thank you for it!


  1. Why do you recommend rolling your shins? That just seems liable to bruise your shins.

  2. rolling your tibialis anterior, is what you are seeing in the photo. bruise your tibia is unlikely, rolls are short 10 count at most. over rolling would stress your tibialis before the bone structure. stress and adhesions are through out the body, getting to every part is key to SMRT Core rolling techniques.

  3. I just used this as a post-gym workout. I really felt it working the muscles. Even though it hurts quite a bit while using it, I actually do feel nice afterwards. Will be working this into my post-workout routine.

  4. amazing!!! i tell people think of it like brushing your teeth, daily maintenance. the pain you are feeling are the small adhesions you have built up through activity. keep it up and the benefits will be very pronounced.

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