Friday, 14 March 2014

Every Running Shoe Has a Tale to Tell

Since I began running I've gone through 2 pairs of shoes and onto my third. When my mom told me to donate the old ones that I no longer wear not even as "running to the store" shoes I realized I've become quite attached to these shoes. They all have a story to tell.

Nimbus 14

The very first pair of running shoes I bought to begin "training" for my first 10K race and half marathon. Didn't know anything about shoes just knew I liked the colour and they were pretty comfy.

These shoes will tell you it sat for weeks on end and whenever the sun came out we went on stupidly long runs without ever building up the distance.

These shoes ran through snow and discovered the Waterfront and Don Valley trails with me for the first time. These shoes experienced the excitement of being at the start line of a race with me for the first time too.

They've now become my winter/running on ice and snow shoes. Put some Ice Spikes in the bottom and they're rediscovering the snowy icy trails of the Lower Don.

Shoes that helped me run my first race can never be thrown out.

Nimbus 15

I bought these shoes just before I began training for my first marathon. I fell in love with the Nimbus and stuck with the same model when the time came to buy new shoes.

I hit many new milestones with these shoes, longest distances, running through wind, rain and mud. These shoes sat many days with newspaper stuffed in it absorbing all the water from wet rainy runs. It's heard many conversations between my friends and running partners Liz & Llorene on those long runs lasting 4+ hours.

These shoes helped me complete my very first marathon on October 20th, 2013. My very first 42.2. They certainly aren't going anywhere!

Nimbus 15

Another pair of Nimbus 15, I guess when you find something that works for you, you stick with it.

These were the first pair of shoes that experienced running 4 days a week, track days and -20C temperatures. It might have been November but I was training for my second half marathon in these shoes. My first out of town race, a half marathon in San Diego California.

I PBed my half marathon time in these shoes. They aren't going anywhere.

1 hour after completing that race these shoes walked 6 miles on the Boardwalk from Pacific Beach to Mission Beach and back. Good day, good weather and even better friends.

Through winter 2014 I have been doing all my outdoor training runs in these shoes. I have another pair that currently do indoor runs and are itching for nicer road conditions to come out.

Nimbus 15

Same shoe different colour. These shoes are destained to help me PB my full marathon time at BMO Vancouver Marathon in May, 2014.

They've ran many mile repeats, fartleks and sprints on treadmills and indoor tracks. When the road conditions get better they'll be out on more runs. For now they're quite comfortable indoors.

This story isn't complete yet, not until it sees the view of beautiful Vancouver BC and crosses the finish line of my second marathon.

They're also in my favourite shade of blue! :)

Nimbus 15

This story is still unwritten. As a runner when you see your favourite running shoe for more than 50% off you buy it. As you can probably tell, I have a favourite running shoe.

These shoes have big hopes and dreams. These shoes are going to train all summer and do what it takes to help me try to achieve my Boston Qualifier of 03:35 at a fall marathon.

They've got a big job to do but I know they're up for the challenge.


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